Tent Designer

Modular Structures

Our Eco Tents are made up of different modules.  That means you can add or remove parts of the design to make it fit with your project. Use the floor plan builder below to add or remove components on your Eco Tent and go to the contact us page to get a custom quote.

     3M Eco Tent                              4M Eco Tent                                   6M Eco Tent 

Our most compact model, the 3m Deluxe Eco Tent is supplied in kit form with all structural steel and fixings and includes the canvas ceiling and walls. The tent is also equipped with large fly windows and doors, internal and external decking. The 3m Deluxe Eco Tent complies with the highest Building Code of Australia (BCA) standards and is engineered and manufactured to the maximum cyclonic wind rating of Australia for any structure (Region D).


 3m x 3m |  56sqm Under roof |  Suitable for 2 people  |  Insulted Canvas Available