Luxury Stretch Series

Luxury Stretch Series

Make a statement with the Eco Stretch Tent, the pinnacle of glamping luxury ideal for resort owners looking to escape ordinary.​ Incorporating a unique stretch design, this tent allows you to design your accommodation specifically for your concept’s unique climate, site conditions and usage. ​


While at the higher end in terms of initial investment, the Eco Stretch rewards the longsighted resort owner with a versatile solution designed exclusively to adapt to unique eco tourism concepts around the world.


Custom Design

Our unique system gives you the power of flexibility.

Thermal Efficiency

We are able to achieve a thermal efficiency rating of R3, using PIR, which is the highest thermally efficient foam currently available on the market.


Stronger, Simpler and Smarter than any other comparable building system.

Kit form

Comes with all structural steel, fixings and screws, ceiling and walls, paint, tiles, as well as large glass windows and doors.


Fast installation equals quick ROI.


Panel System

Our Structural Insulated Panel System (SIPS) is a patented system that achieves an insulation rating of R3.

Structural Steel System

Unique to Eco Structures. With 15 years Warranty.


Minimal construction footprint due to innovative Eco Anchor design, and minimal construction waste created.


Our luxury stretch series is the gateway to unique experiences where guests can escape life, pause, unhook and reconnect with nature without giving up creature comforts.


Made in modules that can be linked and connected together, opt for a simple one-bedroom, one-bathroom setup, or stretch up to a three-bedroom nature suite all linked by a series of interconnected walkways and decks. ​The structure is large enough to include large glass windows and a panelised wall system for higher insulation and thermal efficiency. ​

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