Outside the Eco Tent

Can your Eco products be built on any surface – e.g. sloping ground?

Yes. The small ‘building footprint’ on each of our products means that there is minimal excavation and disruption to the natural environment. Flora and fauna can coexist uninhibited below each structure. The footings can also be counter-levered to allow for building on sloping surfaces.


Can your Eco products be taken down easily?

Yes. Our modular systems enable our Eco products to be disassembled and re-erected in a new location with minimal effort. Each canvas wall on the Eco Tent is a single panel of canvas. This offers great flexibility if a single panel is damaged and needs to be replaced or repaired. We supply spare canvas panels.


Do you provide any ancillary products such as power, water and waste management?

We recommend customers evaluate their own options available to them locally. Our Help Desk can advise on preferred options based on Australian conditions only.


Do your tents have problems with mold? What experience have your clients had?

Depending on the climate, the canvas will eventually attract some mold. All organic materials attract spores that are continually floating around in the air looking for the right conditions to set up home. However our canvas is impregnated during the manufacture process with a mold and mildew resistant solution and a water repellent agent. If mold appears, the treatment process is very simple, we supply canvas care instructions which will help you with this.


How do your Eco products stand up to weather conditions?

Our Eco tents have been tried and tested in most environments around the Globe for more than 10 years and are designed to remain in situ in all seasons. The structural framing elements are certified to meet the ‘Structural Performance’ requirements of the Building Code of Australia and are suitable for use up to and including Cyclonic Wind Region ‘D’. All components are made from the highest quality materials and all exterior components are UV stabilized for longevity.


How long do the Eco products last?

Our Eco products are manufactured to the highest quality for longevity. Individual parts can be replaced if required. Our steel comes with a 25 year guarantee and the canvas comes with a 5 year guarantee.


Do you provide a warranty period?

Yes, we have varied warranties for each component, ranging from 5 to 25 years. These are available on request.

Inside the Eco Tent

What about heating and cooling?

All convential means of heating and cooling can be applied, there are plenty of options. Heating or cooling within the canvas walls works almost immediately as the canvas stays at the ambient temperature of the room unlike a hard-walled cabin. A few options to consider are:

  • A large floor rug which makes a significant difference when the cold sets in!
  • Insulated canvas coupled with reverse cycled air conditioner
  • Electric blanket or fan heater


Can you put a kitchen in the tent?

Yes you can. Interior design and layout are open to your budget and imagination. You could choose to add a small kitchenette within the main living/sleeping area or alternatively, you can add a canvas enclosure and fit that for a kitchen to keep separate. Either way, we recommend you source kitchen fit-out materials locally (eg: Ikea or custom made cabinetry) .


What are the bathroom options?

We have several options ranging from supplying an add on room allowing you to fit out a bathroom yourself to complete Bath Pods with all inclusions. We would be happy to show you our Bath Pod Brochure on request.

Eco Tents Pricing

How much do your Eco products cost?

Each product is priced differently and there are a range of options available. In most cases we customise the Eco Tent to provide you a solution based on your unique idea, needs and climate. We recommend you provide us with a brief on your project so we can tailor a price based on your specific needs. For an off the shelf price list please feel free to download this from the home page of our website.


What are the shipping costs?

Shipping costs will vary due to distance, amount that needs to be shipped and the number of containers required. Our shipping costs do not cover: Arrival costs, import duty, local taxes, GST / VAT, destuffing, delivery to site. Our experienced Handling Agent can advise on shipping costs.


Does the price vary if buying more than one item?

We offer a range of incentives for orders greater than 5 Tents, or by paying 100% of order (excl shipping, taxes, duty etc) at time of ordering. This can be discussed once we have an understanding of model, quantity and extras required.


Eco Products

Do you make custom Eco products?

All our Eco products are based on set modular sizes. However, the ability to join different Eco products together via ‘Links’, offers the purchaser the flexibility to customise the design and achieve their dream end product.


What sizes do your Eco products come in?

All units are set modular sizes. Tents and Modules can be linked together to create your own personalised requirements. Please go to ECO TENTS on our website for full details on all our product sizes.


Do you supply different colour canvas?

Our Eco Tents only come in the standard light sand canvas colour. The option for customised colours is subject to a minimum order. Please note that time frames and price will differ.


Is the flooring and canvas fire resistant/proof?

All our products are treated with a Flame Retardant Chemical, which makes them durable and helps them self extinguish. Fire test reports can be produced on request.


How long to just take down the canvas or put it up?

The canvas takes approximately 1 -2 hours to remove and put back on though we do not generally have clients removing unnecessarily due to the durability of our product.


Do you supply different colour canvas?

Our Eco Tents come in the standard light sand canvas colour along with Light Grey and Dark Sand. The option for customised colours is subject to a minimum order/spend. Please note that time frames and price will differ.


Do you have any of your Eco products on display?

We have a display model available to view (by appointment) in Fremantle, Western Australia. Our products can also be viewed at most of our clients’ properties. For details and locations please contact our sales team.

Installation of Eco Tents

Once I place my order, how long will it be until it arrives?

If you are ordering for Australia and we have your requested product(s) in stock, it takes about two weeks to have the purlins (steel structure) manufactured and up to a week to transport depending on location. If we have to manufacture your order from scratch, please allow up to 90 days lead time.


Can you assist in the assembly of Eco Tents at my location?

Our products are designed to be easily assembled by a local builder (we provide a comprehensive Installation Guide for every purchase). However we are happy to provide a quote on the installation if required.


Can you come and do a site inspection?

Yes, site visits can be arranged (with notice) we generally charge a day rate and travel cost.


How long do your Eco products take to construct?

The average install time is 2 days per Eco Tent. Installation times will vary depending on the model, extra add – ons, site conditions, builder skill level, number of builders and weather, we can advise on this once we have a full brief on your project.


Can anyone construct these Eco products?

The simple design of our Standard Tents and Modules minimises the need for skilled labour to erect and install the structures. Our comprehensive Installation Guide provides all the information required to erect our ESA products.


Are your Eco products built to meet relevant Australian building standards?

Yes. Every product meets the Building Code of Australia (BCA) standards. Full engineer certification can be provided if required. And our Engineer in Australia can work with your appointed Engineer in any Country.


Do I need a building permit to erect an Eco Tent in my backyard?

Yes in most cases you will require a Building Permit, however this is an easy process we can assist with. It is the client’s responsibility to confirm and check their local Shire Regulations.