Wabi Cabins & Villas

Wabi Eco Cabins & Villas

Designed as a natural evolution from the Eco Tents, our Wabi Cabins and Villas fuse the tried and tested tent structure with a lightweight but strong wall panel that replaces the traditional canvas, optimising climate control for a more comfortable experience in a wide range of environments.


Supplied in kit form, each cabin and villa comes with all structural steel and fixings, ceiling and walls, as well as large glass windows and doors. Thanks to the innovative panel technology, the installation time of a villa is extremely fast compared to traditional construction.


Panel System

Our Structural Insulated Panel System (SIPS) is a patented system that achieves an insulation rating of R3.

Thermal Efficiency

We are able to achieve a thermal efficiency rating of R3, using PIR, which is the highest thermally efficient foam currently available on the market.


Stronger, Simpler and Smarter than any other comparable building system.

Kit form

Comes with all structural steel, fixings and screws, ceiling and walls, paint, tiles, as well as large glass windows and doors.


Minimal construction footprint due to innovative Eco Anchor design, and minimal construction waste created.


Can be erected in as little as 4 days

Structural Integrity

Power of flexibility – you can connect them together to create a large open plan living areas.

Structural Steel System

Unique to Eco Structures. With 15 years Warranty.


All Wabi Cabins and Villas can include features such as LED lighting, stone bench tops and fully tiled bathrooms. They can be clad, painted, molded or fitted with your choice of traditional external finishes from render to weatherboard, to create a huge array of final looks.


  • Sophisticated designs that are both stylish and flexible
  • Built tough to stand strong in a range of uses and environments
  • Stay cool or cosy with high thermal performance
  • Fast delivery to your site
  • Slashed construction costs and time.



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