The birth of Eco Structures Australia came about after the first Eco Beach Resort development was completely destroyed by Cyclone Rosita in 2000.


From this destruction, emerged an opportunity to re-design a new concept in eco resorts, taking accommodation to a new level of comfort, incorporating structures better suited to weather extremes and providing guests with a superior ‘Glamping’ experience.


Eco Beach Resort ‘Take 2’ is the product of this dream – a “village” of lightweight, demountable structures, ranging from Tents to Modules to Gazebos.




All Eco Tents are created to work in harmony with the environment. They are architecturally designed, flexible in application, foster sustainability and are affordable, providing accommodation solutions to:


  • The tourism industry
  • Mining and resources sector
  • Remote and regional housing


Eco Structures Australia aspires to be the leading provider of cost effective and environmentally sustainable Eco Tents throughout Australia and the world. We offer affordable environmentally sustainable accommodation products to service remote area locations and create cost-effective tourism infrastructure both in Australia and internationally. Our Eco Tents effectively service a broad demand base, including ‘Glamping’ tourism, pastoral needs, workers’ accommodation, mining, and remote residential or holiday housing requirements. The Eco Tent is designed to be semi-permanent in nature, and may be used as short-term or permanent accommodation.